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Design Excellence
Your home at Sampoorna Tritiya
Sampoorna-Tritiya, a high-end cluster, contains 160 apartments and duplexes. Designed by the finest architects,nearly three- fourths of the cluster will remain open to the sky.

Up close with Tritiya
Gated development with exclusive entry and exit point
Towers arranged around a large open space with vehicular access along the periphery.The central open space, the hub of Tritiya, accommodates a culb,gardens, a children’s play area and lawn for various community and recreational activities.

Towers-suitably spaced to provide
Adequate intra-dwellingprivacy
Exposure of a large numberof apartments to south/south-east/south-west
Exposure of a large numberof apartments to morning sun
Excellent view of the Neighbourhood Park from a large number of apartments

Design at its best
Tritiya is meticulously designed by the best architects who clearly understand what is required to create a comfortable, safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing living environment.
Only four apartments in a floor with a large and well-lit lobby.
Abundant fresh air and daylight in every apartment. Each apartment provides an unhindered view of different directions. Keeping in mind the climate of Kolkata, adequate provision has been made for cross-ventilation.
Sufficient intra-dwelling privacy is ensured through introduction of a foyer to reduce visibility of bedrooms and toilets from the living room.
Efficient layout of apartments with minimum circulation space. Location of doors and windows aimed at aiding efficient furniture arrangement, airflow and privacy.
Adequate storage space. Floor to ceiling wardrobe-space as well as storage arrangement below some windows.
Large windows with adequate sill height for privacy.
Three or more balconies in an apartment useful for various activities including installation of outdoor units of ACs.
Four and five, bedroom duplex apartments occupying top two floors of the towers. Both the types have living rooms with double height. The four-bedroom duplex units feature a master bedroom with a large attached toilet (with both HIS and HER wash basins, a bath tub and shower area), walk in closet, study area and a balcony, to make living here a great experience.