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Apartment Options
Choose what suits you best from a variety of superbly designed luxury homes.
The five towers are identical. The locations of apartments in a tower are indicated in the Sampoorna Site Layout by 1, 2, 3 & 4..
In the floor plans, the first digit of an apartment number indicates the floor where the apartment is located, whereas the last digit indicates its location in a particular tower. For example, Apartment No. 104 in Tower-I means it is located on the 1st Floor, and at the south-west corner, whereas 104 in tower-II is located at the south-east corner.
Identical apartments in terms of internal layout and size are grouped under a type (viz. A, B, etc.)
Dimensions shown in the floor plans are in metres and inner structural dimensions of all spaces, without plasters, wall tiles, skirting and dado. Marginal revisions may be necessary during construction.